Design and innovate moments that impact your customer's journey

Design and innovate moments that impact your customer's journey

Bridge the gap between customer experience strategy and reality with MVP in a Week program

Design and innovate moments that impact your customer's journey
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Intelligaia has provided touch driven applications for TouchSmart environment right from its conceptualization. They have given quality products with complete user satisfaction that are being shipped as built-in applications of TouchSmart systems.

~ Product Team, HP

Thank you for the super-star efforts. You have directly delivered incremental, measurable and significant value to the enterprise. This is the best Data & Analytics team Cisco ever had in its history!

~ Data and Analytics Team, Cisco

Not only can my care team organize information through revised information architecture, but a more intuitive product navigation system ensures ease of use and consistent context. What we have received is simplicity that cuts across, and reaches patients to make their lives a tad easier.

~ Chronic Care Management Team, Infina Connect

We are now able to scale & target 5x more EA prospects with this capability.We truly believe this platform is a game changer and is now a key accelerator for our business to make a shift to recurring revenue & to enable lifecycle relationships with our customers.

~ Enterprise Agreement Team, Cisco

We want to thank you for the incredible job you did on our clickable prototype. The conference was a success and we were able to share with several strong prospects.

~ Product Management Team, 4R Systems

Drive business ROIs using the Three Pillars of CX Performance

Understand Customer Journeys

Digital Commerce Case Study for the First CX Pillar

Deal cycle time
5XMore Quotes
Enhancement in partner productivity
Of all customer interactions powered by AI Chatbot

Discover how optimizing journeys of 12+ personas enabled smart decision making and brought significant productivity gains.

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Effortless User Experience

Business Intelligence and Analytics Case Study for the Second CX Pillar

Increase in renewal bookings
Reduction in analysis time per service
Increase in booked Pipeline

Find out how adopting research methodologies and designing experiences around what customers care about most improved CX outcomes.

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Customer Centric Culture

Retail Case Study for the Third CX Pillar

increase in brand value through customer-centric design
product validation
round of funding to take the product to market

Notice how using real time analytics and putting the Customer at the center of every decision led to positive impacts for brand value.

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