Rapidly meet customer demands for Innovation with CX Assets

CX Assets

3 Approaches to use CX Assets
to create better Customer Experience

CX Asset 1

Craft Design System

A design system is a complete set of standards intended to manage design at scale using reusable components and patterns.


  • Optimized designs
  • Agile design iterations
  • Increased Engineering Velocity
  • Shared vision with designers and stakeholders
  • Consistency of design across apps

What’s your challenge?

CX Asset 2

Get Component System

Why have one: the use case

+ Multiple Variants + Flexible Components
  • Standardize development
  • Improve collaboration
  • Reduce duplications
  • Drive scalability

HTML Component Library

Smaller projects with few workflows and complex page layouts are more likely to benefit from it.

Review Interactive Components

Click through the components list on the left to view components

Storybook Based Component System

If looking to build a platform with multiple apps using customizable components, there are some exceptional tools to help you scale.

Review Interactive React Components

Click through the components list on the left to view and customize look n feel of UI components.

Suitable for

Team Size (100+)
Distributed (located all over the geography)
Monthly release cycles
Rapid development for multiple business functionalities in parallel
Large engineering team (50+)

CX Asset 3

Build Plugins

When to use

  • Speed up collaboration between cross functional teams
  • Track and resolve feedback at envious speed

We developed a plugin to enable smooth handover between cross functional teams and for tracking feedback leading to faster design iterations.

Try out the Exports Comment Figma Plugin or find out about it here.


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