Create compelling CX across multi-experiences

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Why use multi-experience design and development strategy?

To create fit-for-purpose apps based on touchpoint-specific modalities.

How You Experience it

  • Multiple Devices
  • Interfaceless Machines
  • Agent Interface
  • Facial Recognition (Payment)
  • No touch experience

How We Craft it

  • UX Research Renaissance
  • Prototyping
  • Design to Code
  • Design Ops
  • Dev Ops

To ensure a consistent and unified user experience (UX) across web,
mobile, wearables, conversational and immersive touchpoints.

Customer Success
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Folks – these are some very impressive proposals. Well done!!

We take this in phases. This is shaping out to be an amazing amazing product!!!
~ Director, Fortune 100 Company
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Start with Customer Understanding


What does Customer Experience (CX) Strategy look like?

Four building blocks of CX Strategy help to identify features and
designs. These drive usage, customer satisfaction, loyalty and ROI.

Define Business Objectives

Successful innovation begins with the business strategy. Use Business Objectives and Goals to start your CX Innovation Journey.

All businesses need to explore new ideas, approaches and concepts to enhance the ability to manage risk. Improved innovation capabilities may be the only way forward.

Customer Interview

Continually tailor and shape your products and services to fit an increasingly fine definition of the customer.

Provide experiences precisely created to fit your most valued customer segments and greatly enhance these customers’ loyalty.

Customer Journey Mapping + Analytics

Use CX focused tools like customer journey mapping to achieve your strategic goals.

Activity Mining

Competitive advantage stems from the many discrete activities it takes to meet buyers needs. A systematic way of examining all the activities helps to know how digital strategy fits in the overall value chain system.

Top Differentiator

Value of understanding users, what they do and why they do it is seen as a differentiator.

Enterprises are recognizing that success with customer experience (CX) in digital business is based on achieving an effortless UX that closely aligns technologies to the digital journey people take in attaining a goal.

What is the exact outcome of CX Strategy?

The Service Blueprint helps understand customer experience (CX) in its entirety.

It not only establishes key user interactions and the role of the service provider at all touchpoints but also identifies places where one can improve the entire customer experience (CX).

Craft Effortless User Experience

Strategy applied in Practice

What happens after Customer Experience Strategy (CX)?

Use Service Blueprint findings to Prototype the User Experience.
Design Ops (with activities from Iterative Design Sprints to Design System)
help cross-functional teams to collaborate on the product vision.


The iterative process (design sprints) and tool set allow for version control, automated prototype distribution (live updates) and feedback mechanisms (comments) to accelerate the decision making for stakeholders.

Design System

Design to code also enables the dynamic and ongoing creation of templates, modules and components — both as design patterns and reusable code.

Using a simple organizational principle as Atomic Design, design teams create a single source of truth. It contains patterns library that reduces the need for verbal designer-developer communication. Accelerates design delivery and development velocity.

UI Design and Interaction Design

Visual/Design QA

Design at Scale

Design Ops enable digital design services to efficiently scale across an enterprise. As a result, high-quality digital experiences are created across a broader range of digital touchpoints for customers, employees and other stakeholders.

In addition, it allows for creation of a design system and the governance needed to ensure adherence to design standards.

Design Ops accelerates design workflows and reduces rework while facilitating design reviews. With the tool set that has emerged, design ops enables design across multiple endpoints with varied performance and multiple screen sizes.

Case Study: Digital Commerce Reimaginied

Finding out what your customers care about most and then designing experiences around them.


Increase in renewal bookings


Reduction in analysis time per service
CCW case study
Find out how adopting research methodologies and using Data-driven Design improved CX outcomes.

Software Development and UX

Design to Development Handoff

Replace all open discussion or brainstorming with a structured process that leads to more ideas, clearer decisions and better outcomes.

DevOps and Automation enable high quality and speed of delivery required to business and innovation. Deliver on innovation and differentiation, experimenting with new solutions, surprising use cases and creating a better user experience.

Automated Testing

How and where to use Decisions Support Framework

Decision Support Framework

The value of understanding users, what they do and why they do it are being seen as differentiators for organizations.

PowerBi, Tableau and Custom Data Viz

Customer Success

Customers applied CX Strategy

Moved ideas from inception to demonstrable business value. From hardware, software to services, now we are able to provide a complete portfolio view to our business.
~ Analytics and Data Team, Cisco
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Design & Develop

  • Business Sponsor
  • Steering Committee
  • Tech Management
  • Business Project Manager
  • Finance Project Lead
  • IT PMO
  • IT Project Manager (Scrum Master)
  • Product Owner
  • Project Team-up
  • Project Team (Architect, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, UI Designer, Developer, Quality Engineer)
  • Monthly Steering Committee Meeting
  • Release Planning
  • Sprint Planning
  • Sprint Showcase
  • Sprint Retrospective
  • Daily Stand-Up
  • Discovery
  • UX/UI Design
  • Contnuous Build and Integration
  • Unit Testing
  • Continuous Regression Testing
  • Automated Source Code Control
  • Code Reviews
  • Project/Portfolio Dashboard
  • Weekly Status Report
  • Project Plan
  • Roadmap and Release Plan
  • Release-Level Project Report Cards
  • (Velocity, Burndown, Backlog Growth,
  • Acceptance, and Regression Trends)
  • Build-Environment
  • Automated Test Cases/Scripts
  • User Acceptance Testing