Business Intelligence and Analytics

Spot Opportunities

Successful Business Outcomes


Increase in
renewal bookings


New users added
since last year


Reduction in analysis
time per service


Increase in
booked pipeline

But the journey was fraught with challenges.

“We were waiting to harness the power of data-driven automation. We just didn’t know how. More customers meant more complex data and management challenges. We were fuzzy about what they wanted. Cisco Ready came in at a critical juncture to reflect the true actionable opportunity to the sellers, overlays and management and drive trust.”

Digitization Team


We began by conducting design workshops
for smoother collaboration

We studied Ryan’s journey as a seller, including those of his partners and executive leadership.

Information Hallway

Synthesizing analysis for clarity and creating mini cards expressing key concepts as independent insights.

take aways
take aways
take aways
take aways
take aways
take aways
take aways

Defining Paths

It helps to decode the current challenges about the people taking part, how they communicate and the connections they build.

We can achieve business goals with quick discussions resulting in rational solutions.

We built a connected, collaborative
and a frictionless experience

We offered a robust platform to executive leaders, Cisco Sellers and Partners to streamline business insights. This empowered sales specialists like Ryan to uncover revenue opportunities weeks or months in advance and act on them.


“At Cisco Ready, we now leverage tools like One View, EA, Qualification & Collaboration and Connected Experience to empower our sales force. They can actually uncover revenue with data enrichment by transforming fragmented customer data into actionable business intelligence. It’s a win-win”.

Product Team

Cisco Ready