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Creating a winning sales pitch was a daunting task for Brett, a Cisco Seller

“We wanted an app to immediately provide sales teams with the best information to aid them during all stages of the sales process through a highly contextual experience.”

Product Team


So how can the company drive top line Revenue Growth?

User research revealed sellers looking for five pieces of sales and marketing content were spending 17 minutes performing searches and sometimes giving up before even finding one document. The challenge lay in to how to make things more relevant to the seller going forward with content. And also, the content cleanup is a very heavy lifting part; going behind this so that the things are categorized, tagged relevantly and tuned by the role seemed a daunting task.


Information Hallway

Customer Journey Maps

Customer Journey Maps Customer Journey Maps

Information Architecture

Information Architecture Information Architecture

Sketch Concepts

Sketch Concepts Sketch Concepts Sketch Concepts

Implementing a seamless experience was a different ball game

It is best described using the following categories

On a live site and with an active customer like Noah, planning each functionality and release was the key to success

Design System & Component Library

We created a shared library of components for everyone to use

In our quest to achieve UX Engineering Excellence to drive reusability, consistency, increase development velocity, we created a design system to help conceptualise, build and ship new features, iterations and products much faster, and more efficiently.

Design System & Component Library image Design System & Component Library image Design System & Component Library image

Our aim was to create ways of working to support faster cycle times for projects, greater connectedness among different functions and units, and more external engagement with customers and partners.

A simple implementation led to a slew of positive benefits

Happier Customers

Effectiveness in completing tasks and more satisfaction for customers


Automation meant faster lead-to-order conversion


Organized design governance and a system applicable across devices


A pervasive, seamless experience that is consistent between user and customer

Happier Customers

Ease of doing business is a priority for Cisco. They needed help with building and implementing a Commerce UX strategy.

We helped them build a cohesive and consistent experience that delivered empathy, and inspiration along with engineering excellence.

We developed CCW as a combined tool for quoting, configuring and ordering Cisco products, software and services. For our partners, the consolidation of business processes into CCW today, continues to result in faster bookings and significant productivity gains.

““SalesConnect helps us mobilize our sales team and our partners to focus on selling new products very quickly. They can find what they need, spend more time with our customers, and help build comprehensive solutions our customers are looking for from us.” ”

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